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  • Winter is Warm - Stokers Siding Hall - 29th July 2018

    Follow Your Art would like to thank all those who attended AN ARTISTS AFFAIR "Winter is Warm".  The beautiful old Stokers Siding Hall was ideal, and there was room to move and space to be creative. The live music was fabulous, and a pre-lunch boogie worked up an appetite!  Thank you to all those who sent me pictures from their phones from the day - some of them are below.

    Our photographer Mark Davis has taken some gorgeous creative shots of the beautiful inspiring models.


    And see you all for AN ARTISTS AFFAIR "Flowers and Flesh" in March.

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  • Burlesque and Bare - Ewingsdale Hall - 28th and 29th April 2018

    Byron Bay Artists event

    All I can offer is my deep gratitude to each and every individual who attended AN ARTISTS AFFAIR “Burlesque and Bare”.  For together we all created an incredibly amazing successful heartfelt event !!!

    My dedicated volunteers in the kitchen and on the floor, my hardworking models who never lost focus, my beloved daughter who supported me and diligently worked all day.

    See below for professional photos from the day taken by Mark Davis

    The love and commitment that I felt from these people, encapsulated the tone of the entire weekend.  The attending Artists were open and creative and courageous in their work and their demeanour.  See below for artwork from the day...

    There was a warmth and a connection that was joyful and beautiful.  Together we all completely rocked the house!!!  See below for lovely testimonials...

    My most humble and heartfelt gratitude to you all.  Let’s do it again!!

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  • Feedback from attendees at Burlesque & Bare

  • As far as feedback goes: I’ve been to many many sessions of Art and conferences in my career and as a retired person, and I believe your Art weekend would have to be the best. Time went so quickly as everyone was in the ‘zone’. Then on lunch break, people mixed well and seemed to share a special connection which was wonderful albeit surprising. Congratulations to you, as organising a wonderful weekend like this one is a very difficult task but seems to come to you naturally. You certainly have a flair for it. I look forward to the next session. Anne Greenham

    Anne Greenham

  • Totally loved the day, you all worked so hard to put on such a professional experience for all. Everyone was friendly- from the moment I arrived you helped me set up , loved the yoga warm-ups, lunch and dancing!!! Great food with live music. A very relaxing day. That’s it, I’ll come again Kathy, the light was wonderful on your bodies, very pearly and luminescent. The poses and props really complimented skin and shape. A wonderful day of colour, light, concentration, and fabulous composition. It was really lovely to chat to so many different people during the day. Well done and thank you so much, Kind regards Robyn Armstrong.

    Robyn Armstrong

  • Once again I’d like to thank you for one of the most amazing experiences in my life. It was so theatrical, so exhilarating. Wonderful. Please do put me down for your next workshop ! You are such a wonderful person to have given us this experience. did. You you created ‘a happening’ today! I was amazed at all you have done. Thank you so much. Thank you. With love and deep gratitude. Thank you so much. Sincerely Fay xxx


  • And what a fabulous weekend, absolutely the best art activity event I have ever had, well done and include me in the next one for sure!!! I just got back from Sydney this morning and will send through the photo of my favourite artwork tomorrow. Also Maya looks fabulous in my pendant, such an amazingly beautiful woman! Well done and be in contact soon, regards Bradley Pike

    Bradley Pike

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