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  • Ocean Art Jewellery

  • This jewellery collection is borne from my deep love for, and lifelong connection to, the beach and the ocean.

    These simple swirling designs are my interpretation of the wonderful waves upon the ocean.

    Elegant yet powerful, the mass beneath, the peak on top.

    Beautiful ever changing shapes, moods, colours, and form.

    The ocean - with its formidable depths and strength , to its playful foamy bubbly shoreline.

    Ocean Art is my expression of all the magic that washes over me, through me and into me whenever I am on the beach or in the water.

    If you look closely you will see that the stones used for this jewellery are simply humble glorious pebbles that I have collected from the shores...

    This is my first sample range, more will arrive in the next full moon or high tide...

    Please note: A percentage of profits goes to Sea Shepherd.

    To purchase, contact oceanart@followyourart.net.au