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  • The ancient Sanskrit word 'Namaste' has a variety of similar translations. 

    The one that I like states simply - 'The divine in me sees and honours the divine in you'. 


    My deep love and respect for yoga began when I first arrived in Byron Bay - thirty years ago! Those were the days when the majority of us here were looking for a different life from city life. Or a more alternative life from the mainstream. A greener, healthier lifestyle whatever that meant to the individual.

    All of my friends were musicians, artists, acupuncturists and masseurs - and another gamut of musicians!!

    And then of course all the yogis were here, young strong supple confident, beautiful. Yoga back then, for me, epitomised all those characteristics. I enjoyed the strength in my body, and the mobility. For me, thirty years ago, it was all about the physical.

    The love was slow and steady, as was the respect. Over the years I have experienced many different types of yoga, and many different teachers. The more I practiced, the more I wanted to know. The realisation that the yoga journey was for a lifetime, and offered so much more than a physical sensation. As I matured, my mind (and hips!) opened, and I have embraced all aspects of my yoga journey!  I continue to receive something special whenever I attend a class - be it as a student or instructor.     

    The art of yoga, my yogic lifestyle, is a wonderful balance and compliment to all the other ventures in my life. How is it for you?

    I would be most humbly honoured to assist you on your own yogic journey. I am passionate about teaching breath technique and correct alignment. These are essential to gain the most benefit from your practice. Once you understand this, and can practice to the best of your abilities - with awareness of breath and alignment,  the physical asanas will makes more sense. Then you are able to move with more awareness and control and grace.

    I am very passionate about assisting and guiding practitioners to develop your physical asana practice. The art of yoga asana practice should grow your strength, mobility, flexibility, and breathing technique.

    I will inform you when I have organised and settled my weekly teaching times.